The History of Jacques Saoutchik

Jacques Saoutchik was born in the Urkraine in 1880 and migrated to Paris in his early 20’s. He was a cabinet maker by trade (As Brian Laak is) but quickly transitioned into coachbuilding and opened his own coachbuilding company, Carrosserie, in 1906,. His first body was built on the chassis of a Isotta-Fraschini.


Saoutchik swiftly created a niche of catering to top class automotive clients. His work became known for superior craftsmanship and originality and to this day, he is known as one of the most extravagant, eccentric and pioneering coachbuilders in automotive history. His incorporated elegant yet bold curvature and ornamental design into every aspect of his bodies.


Saoutchik line of custom cars became the iconic representation of Parisian chic in his era and his cars were decorated with awards at the infamous Concours d’Elegance, Paris Salon  and other high society auto shows in Paris. His clients became more and more elite including the president of the Republic of Argentina, the King of Norway, celebrities, royal families, and even a pope-mobile for the pope himself.   


In 1952, Saoutchik handed ownership of Carrosserie over to his son, Pierre Saoutchik. Saoutchik’s company closed its doors in 1955 as the world’s auto industry took a rapid restructuring that led to streamline Fordist automotive manufacturing, leaving little room for the custom manufacturing of cars like Saoutchik’s. 


 1948 Talbo Lago 110114 debuted at the Concour's d'Elegance in Paris

1948 Talbo Lago 110114 debuted at the Concour's d'Elegance in Paris

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